Siddharth Trailblazer

On the shortest day of the year, popularly known as Winter Solstice (22nd December), I stepped on this earth! Every day I feel lucky to have super intelligent father(Er. Umesh Chandra Singh) and super caring mother -Mrs. Asha Singh. Being the first child of my whole family, I was taken always special care. There is something peculiar about my birth; most of the doctors were negative about it. Most of the doctors were in the opinion that I will not be born. My parents and relatives went to various temples and places for rituals and wishes.
It worked for me, by God’s grace I was born before due date, healthy and fit. My grandmother in Varanasi distributed sweets in the whole locality and village. My first birth day was celebrated with huge pomp and show. But destiny had something extra-ordinary in store for me!

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