Siddharth Trailblazer

On the shortest day of the year, popularly known as Winter Solstice (22nd December), I stepped on this earth! Every day I feel lucky to have super intelligent father(Er. Umesh Chandra Singh) and super caring mother -Mrs. Asha Singh. Being the first child of my whole family, I was taken always special care. There is something peculiar about my birth; most of the doctors were negative about it. Most of the doctors were in the opinion that I will not be born. My parents and relatives went to various temples and places for rituals and wishes.
It worked for me, by God’s grace I was born before due date, healthy and fit. My grandmother in Varanasi distributed sweets in the whole locality and village. My first birth day was celebrated with huge pomp and show. But destiny had something extra-ordinary in store for me!


About svsmintu

I am resident of Lucknow
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9 Responses to Siddharth Trailblazer

  1. Kunal Vashishtha says:



  2. Paul Richard says:

    You are awesome sir………


  3. naveen sachan says:

    mai apki kamyabi ko salam karta hoo…


  4. you are awesome sir


  5. yuvraj vikram singh says:

    good morning sir what a man has done a man can do wish i could meet you someday


  6. Sakshi Rastogi says:



  7. Hello Sir,

    Very Good Morning dear Siddharth Sir. Hope you are doing great. Hope you remember me even a bit from Nitin Bhatia ji’s downline. Sir, you have always been a symbol of inspiration for me. It was your charisma that I was so attracted to join ebiz to learn and experience something new.

    Though I could not do anything more than staying a cycle achiever with a downline of more than 1000 associates when I left eBiz. But I would like to tell you that I have learnt a lot from each of my respected uplines. You, Himanshu Singh sir, Somanshu Sir, Bhupendra Sir, Nikhil Sir who I have got chance atleast once to talk.

    This mail is regarding a request to you sir. I have become the editor for a news website .
    Though the name is bit absurd but we are doing good in pretty short time. So I want an opportunity to publish an interview article of you as you are promoting entrepreneurship. This is all I want to do for whatever I learnt from eBiz.

    Please Sir, its a hearty request. I know you might not have too much time. So I will prepare the questions and mail it to you when you agree for this. As I am no where near NCR, it will be convenient for you to answer the questions through mail or WhatsApp (+919934349647) whichever you like.

    I will be eagerly waiting for your reply sir, hoping for the best. This interview will help other associates and people who want to become successful in their lives. So please sir.

    Thanking you,
    With love and respect always,
    Anurag Pathak.


  8. a.balaji says:

    great sir..


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